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Multi-signature wallet

Signs count to send ether from wallet (2 or 3)
Description of the field.

Payment method

Favourite cryptocurrency

Choose the best non-fiat money that you trust.
Leave a message to seal it in the capsule until the year 2100. The descendants will open the virtual capsule and find out all your thoughts.
The country of your offshore, in which you store your own millions, which you earned when you spend a grand to bought the ether per $0.01/piece.
Name of the next President of the Russian Federation

First owner

A person who, with a probability of 0.01%, will take all the cream, if the startup does not fail.
We will send a million here if we collect the loot on the IСO. Just kidding, we'll take this million from you.
You like spam, isn't it?
Gas needed 5000000
Gas price
Total gas price 0.0005 ETH

For the work of smart contracts in the Etherium you need gas – a commission for computing power. The amount is recommended, you can change it. We look at the current load of the network and consider the optimal price of gas, so the contract will be deploy not less than 3 minutes. More on

Deploy price Free
Total gas price 0.0005 ETH
0.0005 ETH